why you left us Anna Song?

Anna Song, or Tanya Song, is a hidden chapter in the erotic summary. She’s Russian; working for a short, yet rich period from 2008 to maybe a couple of years ago she left the industry leaving a trace of mystery and the urging strive of our her fans, begging for more. Wouldn’t you after seeing that gorgeous terse and Slavic face, not to mention that titanic and comfortable front that could take anyone into lust madness. She did mostly softcore or solo material, 3 or 4 galleries are bound forever in the internet, but nothing else (Even her page from Boobpedia got deleted)… She has stated lately that she won’t come back to the industry again, she’s economically fine today and the come-back does not worth it for her. WE have posted before some loose pics of her: here’s one of them. The scene we’re posting is from that pic, a solo-playing that has a set of spices that would drive yourself to bang your head to the wall, and stroke your dick against anything around. Galleries would be coming soon.

I dare you ignore this one:

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Softcore submission with Angela White: