We miss Texas Presley

She was more than half way to become one of the top, most respected porn babes in the industry, for a good long time; and believe us, you wouldn’t have us complaining about that. Her case was, unfortunately, a rapid turn back from the scene that was making of her the most coveted and talented pin-up chick of porn’s stereotypes; la créme de la créme among all those tattoed busty girls, for which we have a whole special cared place.

She stated, in an interview, that she was suddenly disgusted by a punctual uncomfortable situation, in a scene, where she saw herself being the object of too much intimacy by a partner in a place where she saw really a plain, cold field for working; a boyfriend was also involved, and then she decided to take what we hope (with yearly diminishing intensity) is a temporal hiatus since 2007, after 6 months that left us with a good taste but not enough quantity. She has lately being working for Suicide Girls, by the name of AMberlynn, taking advantage again of her gorgeous, “bigboobed”, tattoed body.

But think that regrets are close to revenge; and we’re hoping for that comeback.

Take a look. This POV scene has one of the most amazing blowjobs I’ve seem.