Sexy Gallery: Vintage babe

Come on! let’s get all on the Vintage Caravan… no, not that amazing band; but an utterly hot forgotten goddess, which once posed for the camara to strike maybe 30 years later at the ringing tip of our penises (or clitoris if you’re a girl: please let us apolgize for the mainly masculine pursuit we assume in our writings). Somehow, she looks maybe Swedish to me; in fact, she reminds me to Liv Ullman, that extremely talented and hot redhead that appeared in many of Bergman’s movies (not pornos, but if you want to know, you could see maybe a tit here or there in some of his movies). Anyways, if you know the name of the model/actress, please, on our knees, please let us know: do not hold the knowledge, set it free into our crawling community