Sexy Gallery: Veronica Zemanova

Veronica is a Czech model that does the perfect, archetypical personification of Playboy’s gals. She has a slight resemblance to the italian sex symbol Monica Belluci, with a touch of the not-less-superb Sophia Loren; it’s like she came from southern Italy… But know how flexible can be Czech Republic in terms of producing various types of otherworldly beauties. She worked mainly for Playboy and Mayfair and retired in 2003. She came back in 2007, happily, and she’s still on the business, at her tight, round forties. She tried hardcore once but quit without taking off to stay at the comfortable zone of nude photo sessions. She’s done masturbation videos here and there: nothing crazy but of appreciable value. Here you have a selected gallery of Miss Zemanova at her best; plus a couple of her videos. PD: Pics at the end of the post

More for document than for entertainment:
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description=”Veronica Zemanova’s hardcore attempt”
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