Sexy Gallery: Lucy Li for MET-Art

Lucy Li origins are supposedly set on that porn-machine of a country called Czech Republic; if that so, then Lucy Li should right up there next to Pilsen beers. But, somehow, her beautiful round face, its feautures, her profile, reminds to a slavic panorama: she seems Russian; she has a round face with beautiful apple cheeks below a doom-gorgeous pair of green slanted eyes, and a well-sculpted mouth which typically frames the words of Russian babes. Spasibo. In fact, some people claim that she’s in fact Russian; apparently she’ve might been tested by the legendary Pierre Woodman in serie of scenes, which is ’till now more of an hypothesis because none of these scenes were found by us. Anyways, she has done a little more than a couple of lesbian scenes, some boy-girl and FFM, but she has performed mainly as a model. MET-Art captured her finest splendor. Believe me: you won’t forget that face and those sky-pointing tits in a long time… not to mention the butt hole, what a gorgeous core of the erotic body.