Re-post and extra. Sexy Gallery: Alexa Loren

What I like the most is photography, continuous photo galleries, and more particularly that of erotic content, is that (and I might be on threshed ground here, but: who cares?) photography suggest a plot to the sequence in an ambiguous form that couldn’t be achieved through film. When we pay a close look to pornography (and we do, compulsively), talking about the line from where eroticism becomes plain porn is even a matter of more subtle and intricated nature. I would think of porn as a process where the final destination is already known, where you know the objective would be achieved, where the realization of that promise of pleasure will always achieve our expectations. While eroticism takes a pendulum route, where we, far enough to make touching never possible (as it is on all cultural media), see the object of desire zoom in and out regularly in a similar promise which is ever close but never done… Alexa Loren serves as a perfect catalyst for both concepts. See her here prove what eroticism is about, for the guys of First Time Video; which later on, made of her a fine personification of pornography: she posed for them in 2008 only to come back again in 2009 to participate in the new HD format, and you know what that mean. Enjoy the galleries. Video here