Katrina Jade joined Marina Visconti for a superb FFM

Katrina Jade has all the grace of a celebrity. She has the look, the flirting with an acting slide, a Gorgeous face, one of the most beautiful bodies in the industry: she’s presumably the most valued porn actress of this time (with a presumption that gets its claws near to the status of fact). On the other hand, we have Marina Visconti, another mainstream beauty but that moves in the opposite of Katrina in terms of the pose she’s staging in every scene: she’s like the ultimate teen, the innocent babe that can take cocks of any size inside all of her fuckable holes. The combination is terrific, of course. FFM that works does it by contrasts, and in this case, taking in count that both chicks as perfect natural bodies, the contrasts is for their attitude: you can see the shy smile of Marina, floating around, gently, while being fucked -although, she’s all in when it comes to doing a scene: she has done everything, from gangbangs to bondage, which surely gives her the status. As for Katrina: just look at the way she’s staring the guy while she’s been fucked, the frontness, that perkiness… There’s no doubt why they’re both in the spotlight; and Reality Kings knows it… A first-class combination. Enjoy!

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