Baby Cakes: ebony perfection

Baby Cakes is a porn actress (of course) born in Los Angeles, CA… Yes, but the thing with Baby Cakes is that she has an absolutely perfect body, with big round natural tits (rocket nipples, absolutely outstanding pair of boobs), frameable tight pussy (a perfect schism, concentring a sight of claire lust), meaty and perfectly carved thighs and an ass which is an homage for sexual doom, a bouncing and hypnotic figure that will stick into your mind forever. She has a heavenly-build face but very capable of sending you the most primitive stages of eagerness. Perfection she is.
You’ll notice how her skills improved as experience took the place; on the first scene she looks a bit uncomfortable (a fact which doesn’t lack some appeal), and later on, in other scenes she looks for confident and with a forward attitude (just notice how her sucking skills got better)… maybe a matter of direction, but she definitely has potential for the maximum exploitation. You’ll fucking love her, in on of those gals you can’t stop watching.

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Anal included: