Anissa Kate, French bonbon

Anissa Kate is a well-known actress and director of Algerian-French ancestry. Draw herself with a fine stroke, shaping the slim and yet, filled forms of her gorgeous body. Active since 2011, starting at 24, she has reached already the ultimate status already in her career, finding in the road an AVN price for best Foreign scene.

This first scene has all the keys for Dorcel’s cinema: glamour, detailed close-ups, the slow osculation… Luxure looks like if Lars Von Trier would dip himself completely into porn. Teeming with a faint fetichism… worths more than any “fifty shade’s” book. Ass fucked couldn’t wait, and the french made her start by the back door, that tight star of her butthole.

This one I had to put it because it’s Anissa join force with Siri… And anything with Siri in it is good.