Anissa Kate and Eva Parcker: precious french collaboration

Being French as her partner in these scenes, Eva Parcker is -assuming those spicy contrast we love- a beautiful blonde, silk white skin, blue eyes… meaty lips (sharing something with Anissa’s features besides their passport). Eva Parcker is the ultimate french, sexy and classy, with the slutty pinch needed for a spasmodically perfect combo. She’s 27 yo, being active since 2012.

We’ve known Anissa Kate before, that beautiful tanned brunette with a superb talent for anal. Yes, France, a beauty land, filled with sorrow right now. We numb the pain of witnessing (repeatedly) the world shredding itself for the fire, infinite and destructive fire, that human condition seems to be; I’m a romantic, I prefer the superficial fantasy of porn than the life-vacuum of ideologies (of any level)… Try to enjoy


Lesbian scenes:

Threesome with footjob