Ruri Saijo’s surrender

Japanese porn has its own ways and features to describe the time and situation that’s being put into the scene. While submission is build as a whole subgenre in its occidental pairs, Japanese make of submission its coup de grace, the backbone, the motive of its movies. Moan goes along with these premises, as Japanese babes tend to reflect a subtle form of rejection in their acting. A passive stance, letting the male to possess, might talk about the skeleton of a society: we have seem it also with hentai, which seems to be the real plot-basis for the porn films. Ruri Saijo personified the Japanese porn universe in this scene where, being a helpless schoolgirl, let herself do anything by her eager partner.
I do not know the Japanese sexual-power matrix as a first-person, in the spot; but media can let us have a glimpse on how might cultures be determined. If you’ve seem any part of the movie series called “Yakuza Papers”, or any Hayao Miyzaki film, you would notice that matriarchy defines the power roles. Maybe Porn, as a mainly male representation, reflects a subconscious frustration… like many culture manifestations, any culture. Or maybe this peroration doesn’t fit sex and all we have to do really is enjoying Ruri Saijo’s bouncing tits.